Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!! It's a little windy out in the country today so today we are happy inside with no pants! Khloe is waiting patiently on her Mickey Mouse pancake this morning. It didn't turn out too well today which is why there is not a pic. Maybe next time! Yesterday I finally got a DSLR camera!!! I have been reading like crazy! I went with the Nikon D3100. I absolutely LOVE it so far!!! I was hoping it would be nicer today so I could get some good pics of Khloe playing in the snow but I guess it will have to wait. I hope everyone had a good Christmas! We weren't too busy this year which was a nice change of pace. Khloe had fun opening her gifts! I still don't think she quite knew what was going on but she had fun and that's all that matters! I can't wait for next year to use our little elf on the shelf! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I will be playing with my new camera!!! :)

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